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Custom Contract R&D

Custom Syntheses

Process Research/Scale-Up

Analytical Method Development and Impurity Isolation

16,000 sq. ft. facility

Seven non-GMP labs

Two GMP labs

Multiple 100 L GL and 200 L SS reactors

Schedule II-V Controlled Substance License

Specialized Hydrogenation capability

Specialty polymer and biopolymers

Multi-step synthesis & complex process

Diversified & versatile experience in various aspects of chemistry and process

Creative, Innovative, Cost effective solutions

Committed to the success of clients

Explore Our Core Services
“Personalized Services & Solutions for every client” , “Performance tracking and easy access to our facility ”
CRO Services

Consider making Chemo Dynamics your preferred Contract Research Organization (CRO) partner. Chemo Dynamics offers a range of CRO services that can assist you in reaching your objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. By partnering with us, you can enable your medicinal chemistry department’s scientists to concentrate on their core competencies while we handle the remaining aspects of your research.

CMO Services

Chemo Dynamics is an experienced, New Jersey-USA based contract research and manufacturing company for your Small Molecule requirement for various market segments.

Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) Services. After the research phase of a project is completed, a company will need larger quantities for toxicology studies and Phase I clinical trials. In some cases, the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Additional Capabilities

What core values Chemo Dynamics can bring to Clients: Quality Material; Reduced Liability; Reliability; Long term  service by reinventing chemistry.

Chemo Dynamics has exhibited the flexibility and knowledge to tackle challenging research projects and recommend alternative solutions to its customers. The Company offers its customers a robust suite of services and solutions categorized as follows:

Chemo Dynamics Goal: “Earn Trust & Confidence & Respect”. Chemo Dynamics Mission: To help clients gain faster entry into marketplace with better products competitively”

Our Facilities

15,000 sq.ft. Situated on 5 acres of land, Two cGMP Suites State of the art Analytical Lab. Seven Fully Equipped Wet Chemistry Labs.

Analytical Capabilities

HPLC Agilent 1100 series with Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector, variable wavelength detector (VWD), and refractive index (RI) detector.


Glassware: micro to 5L, Glass Vessels: 12 to 100L, High-Pressure Reactors: up to 200 psi, Stainless Steel Reactors: up to 80 gals.

cGMP Suites

Class 100,000 Isolated Suites, Dedicated Equipment, Fully validated Systems, HEPA-filtered, once through air, Epoxy Coated Surfaces.

Our Feature Products
  • Products Under Development
  • Latest / New Products
  • Unique / Interesting Products
  • Versatile Building Blocks
Why Choose Us
Our company continue to strive innovation at a multiple level using simple but unique strategies
Our Capabilities
Core/Key Strength of Chemo Dynamics
Key Capabilities

Chemo Dynamics has exhibited the flexibility and knowledge to tackle complex research projects and recommend alternative solutions to its customers.

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Reaction Capabilities
Specialized expertise Include:
    • Asymmetric Synthesis
    • Hydrogenation to 2000 psi
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Our key areas of expertise is to make diversified small molecules for various application in Specialty, Pharmaceutica and Biotech areas
About Us

Chemo Dynamics is established in 1960 and is ideally located within minutes from the airport, seaport, and highways in the tri-state area. Chemo Dynamics is New Jersey based CRO facility with a GMP option. We do contract/custom synthesis and small-lot manufacturing.
We simply focus on doing chemistry for our clients.

Features at Chemo Dynamics
Chemo Dynamics goal
Chemo Dynamics mission
We have 60+ Years of Experiences to give you Better Quality Results.
Our work culture











Our chemists are at the cutting edge of new developments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas. Therefore, we can be considered a Creative, Innovative, Cost-effective, seamless extension of your internal team.

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