Our broad spectrum of services include Custom synthesis, Small lots manufacturing, Contract R&D, Route selection, Process research/scale-up, Analytical development and impurity isolation, identification & synthesis. We also provide cGMP services and have a Schedule II – V Controlled Substance License. Our staff is composed primarily of Ph.D. chemists who work from literature, patents, notebook procedures or structures on a gram to 10’s of kilograms scale. In addition, we maintain a QA/QC staff and regulatory support. Our results are a technology package that is safe, operable, economic and includes consideration of your environmental goals while delivering high quality products.

Research and Preparative Services

Medicinal chemistry departments are under increasing pressure to recommend candidates for development. Allowing your scientists to focus on core capabilities requires external collaborations on a variety of projects. Our chemists can be an extension of your departmental efforts to prepare miligramto kilogram quantities of reference standards, intermediates, combinatorial building blocks or perform route selection and process research.

Small Lots Manufacturing

After the research phase of a project is completed, a company will need larger quantities for toxicology studies and Phase I clinical trials. In some cases, the active pharmaceutical ingredient is a low volume product, perhaps only tens of kilograms per year. Chemo Dynamics has the capability to perform small lots manufacturing under non-cGMP and cGMP requirements. Preparation of material can be performed in batches or in a continuous flow reactor apparatus if feasible.