It is a long established fact that a reader of a page when looking at its layout.

    Anallytical Capabilities
    Conference room
    Extraction reactor
    First buchi reactor
    FTIR and UVVIS in QC lab
    General area of QC lab for wet analysis
    General in one walk-in hood. We have 5 walk-in hoods
    GMP lab
    GMP lab-1
    GMP lab-2
    High pressure 25 L reactor
    High pressure hydrogenation reactor
    HPLC in QC lab
    Main entrance of our building
    Multipurpose reactor
    NMR in QC lab
    One small Kilo lab
    Our building overseeing the parking lot
    Our general storage area
    Our signboard
    Oven in GMP lab
    Perkin-Elmer GCMS system capable of ppb level impurity detection
    Perkin-Elmer GCMS system capable of ppb level impurity detection-1
    Picture of our brochure
    QC lab with DSC and polarimeter
    QC room with stability chamber
    Right side of our building
    Second buchi reactor
    Small bench scale hood. We have about 20 such hoods
    Small bench scale hood
    Small Kilo lab
    Some reactors in walk-in hood
    SS 200 L reactor
    4L very high pressure hydrogenation reactor
    8 ft glass column
    30 L movable GL reactor
    100 L GL vessel with bottom out
    200 L GL reactor
    200 MHZ 2-d NMR system
    Back side of our building
    Certification for air filter