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How do we manage your Project – 6 Step Approach

Step 1

Identify Customer’s Goals
and Objectives


Step 2

Execute appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to ensure IP protection


Step 3

Discuss and finalize scope of project


Step 4

Identify appropriate research/platform from which to execute project. Typically Chemo Dynamics


Step 5

Undertake appropriate analytical procedures and quality control at each phase of the project execution


Step 6

Deliver product to customer and allow for review and adjustments

CDA template NDA template

Our team has expertise spanning 100 years with high-level training and doctoral qualifications. We want to hear about your project today.
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Kilo-scale Synthesis
Impurity Isolation, Identification and/or Synthesis
Small Lots Manufacturing
Analytical Development

3. Project Qualifications (select all that apply)
Schedule II – V Controlled Substance

4. Cas No.
5. Quantity

6. Other Project Information (e-mail any documents to

7. Lead Time
4–8 weeks
8-12 weeks

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8. Do you have a process and any other pertinent information or do you want us to develop it?
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